Griiip G1 Virtual Series 2019 Season 1 Comes to an End

Bernard Vella was the man to lead the field away during the first race of the final round of the Griiip G1 Championship, but it was the ever-present Kevin Siggy-Rebernak who would snatch the lead before the cars even made it to the first corner of the Silverstone National Circuit, taking yet another dominant victory.

The surprise final circuit claimed its first victim in the form of Ross Macfarlane, who made contact with the barriers soon after the start, leading him to drop back. Just ahead of them, Avi Markovich and Michael Santos scrapped away as the cars came over the line at the end of the first lap.

Itamar Yativ was running strongly in third place before running wide, allowing Danilo Smeriglio to scythe his way past. Yativ then had to deal with attacks from Daniel Stremair and William Zerbini, with the three drivers almost running side-by-side around the half-way point.

Macfarlane hauled his way back up into the midfield battle, eventually managing to come home in fifth place. After his heroics earlier on in the race, Zerbini agonisingly didn’t make it to the finish.

The second race saw Bernard Vella as the pole sitter once again, however, Siggy-Rebernak would soon claim the lead and hold it until the finish. Bernard Vella was hit by Zerbini on the first lap, prompting a stewards’ investigation into the matter. Stremair also came to a similar fate, also dropping to the back of the field.

At the front, Siggy-Rebernark led comfortably from Macfarlane in second, and Smeriglio in third, but further behind, GT Omega eSports team-mates Yativ and Avi Markovich had a coming-together at the end of the straight when the latter got out of shape going into the Luffield corner.

All in all, it was a scrappy final round of the championship, but there was only one standout performer once again – Kevin Siggy Rebernak. The driver took no less than 11 wins out of 12 over the six rounds of the series, making his upcoming test in a real Griiip G1 car at Varano wholly deserved. His celebratory donuts at the end of the race were more than befitting after such a fantastic season of racing!

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