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Kevin Siggy on a Winning Streak!

Griiip G1 Virtual Series 2019 Championship leader Kevin Siggy Rebernak ended the second round with a perfect score, having taken victory in both of the crash-strewn races.

The Slovenian driver made a clean getaway from pole position during the first race, as numerous on-track incidents took place behind him. The likes of Gianluigi Corrao and William Zerbini sustained damage in their respective clashes.

On lap 3, Bernard Vella tried a highly ambitious move on Danilo Smeriglio, and unfortunately he ended up clattering into his rival.

Further up the field, Daniele Pasquali and Ross Macfarlane ran very close to each other for the entirety of the race. The drivers took second and third place respectively.

Numerous steward investigations took place throughout the race to determine whether penalties needed to be given out in relation to the various clashes between drivers in the field.

On the last lap, the two Vellas, Bernard and Dean, had a coming-together as they were fighting for 7<sup>th</sup> place, but they somehow managed to retain their positions as they crossed the finish line.

The second race also wasn’t without incident. Siggy-Rebernak got away cleanly from yet another pole position, but Pasquali and Macfarlane dropped back at the start, allowing Kamil Franczak to capitalise on their slow getaways to take second place.

Michael Santos lost control of his car within the first couple of corners, with the likes of Sandro Zahra, Steve Decelis and Filippo Caricati becoming tangled up in the incident.

Macfarlane was the next driver to have an off, hitting the wall on the pit straight. He was soon able to begin clawing his way back up the field, but not before he had a coming-together with Corrao as he tried to make a pass.

The lower points-paying position saw a monumental scrap taking place between Dean Vella, Smeriglio and MacFarlane, with Bernard Vella, Daniele Pasquali and Alberto Spitaleri slugging it out for the final podium position just ahead of them. Pasquali would emerge victorious from that battle.

Siggy-Rebernak’s dominance of the second round will undoubtedly have the other drivers in the field redoubling their efforts to close the gap to him. Let’s see what happens in Round 3!

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