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Kevin Siggy Remains Unbeatable in the Griiip G1 Virtual Series 2019

Kevin Siggy-Rebernak made it through the carnage of the first race and Daniele Pasquali breathing down his neck in the second to score a further two victories at the third round of the Griiip G1 Championship in Mugello.

Race 1 was very much a crash-strewn affair, with various drivers going off the circuit due to numerous collisions that took place on the opening lap. The first two drivers to have a coming-together were Pasquali and Dan Stremair, the latter who tried in vain to scythe his way through the middle of the front row starters following his excellent getaway from third.

Ross Macfarlane capitalised to run second after pole-starter Siggy-Rebernak at the end of the first lap, and the order eventually stabilised, with Avi Markovich also benefitting from others’ misfortune to run third by the third lap.

Itamar Yativ, William Zerbini and Bernard Vella ran in fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, with the latter driver getting close to Zerbini before running wide and dropping places. Further ahead, Markovich made a mistake while catching Macfarlane for second and also dropped back, however, he managed to hang on for the final podium place.

Siggy-Rebernak also started the second race from pole position, with Danilo Smeriglio alongside him on the front row after setting a blistering last-gasp lap to pip Pasquali’s time. Pasquali immediately muscled his way into second at the start and even attempted an outlandish pass on Siggy-Rebernak for the lead.

Smeriglio and Macfarlane battled hard over the final podium position prior to having a coming-together while Pasquali continued to keep Siggy-Rebernak as honest as possible out front. In fact, he would run close behind him all the way to the flag, coming within a couple of tenths of a second of snatching victory from the leader as they crossed the finish line.